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  4 Dog Customs designs unique parts for your ride.


Custom interior aluminum accesory knobs - Aluminum work by 4 Dog C, vinyl was customers own creation. He did a heck of job with the decal work! Notice the knob with the key! Tool markings where left to give it a more visual effect.  


Illuminated SS 67, 68 Camaro Gas Cap

Illuminated 67/68 Camaro SS Gas cap with 4 LED's - Running Lights!


Illuminated 67/68 Camaro SS Gas cap with 24 LED's - 3rd Brake!


3rd Brake light as seen when dark.


Red SS Gas Cap up close on the test bench. The aluminum back plate is polished to give the illusion of two row's of LED's when in fact there is only one row protected by a ring of clear plastic. These chrom cap screws are functional in sandwiching all electronics and aluminum together.

Camaro SS Gas Cap used as a reverse light.


White Illuminated
67/68 SS Camaro Gas Cap.
size: 53MB

Red Illuminated
67/68 SS Camaro Gas Cap. Size: 40MB

Video Footage of Gas Cap Cap on display stand.

67, 68 Camaro Illuminated SS Gas Cap (LED's).

Fabricated from aluminum, hand polished and then assembled with Chrome cap screws.

4 Dog Customs mills each part of the gas cap, including the PCB with the exception of the screws. We solder each of the 28 LED's & 28 Resistors by hand.

These are one of kind and come with a custom price. Contact us for pricing and any requirments for additional customizing. The SS can be replaced with something else if desired. RS could replace the SS.

This custom gas cap 'cover' comes with an OEM replacement gas cap (the part that actually attaches the cap to the down pipe of your gas tank).

Current configuration is Red LED's for a 3rd brake light.


White LED's may be subsititued so the cap can be used as a reverse light. When this is done, full acrylic plastic surface is used to project the white light away from the cap. See above photo.

NOTE to Cap Owners: The 13 screws in these caps are NOT using any form of loc'tight! This is done to allow customization such as paint and any additional polishing. Upon getting your cap be sure to use loc'tight! Each of the S's are screwed down, remove actual gas cap to gain access to the four screws.

Great care has gone into making this 67/68 Camaro Gas Cap. I would say these gas caps are "rain" proof, not waterproof. When wiring these caps, I highly suggest putting a fuse on them. I would NOT recommend spraying water under pressure to wash these caps.




Custom Camaro seen at SEMA
The Decepticon logos from 4 Dog Customs.







SS Illuminated Grill Emblem

Billet Aluminum Camaro SS.
Could be used for other applications.

Close up shows LED lighting


Concept of 67 Camaro aluminum grill with custom turn signals, custom lighted silhouetted SS badge and billet 396 numbers.



-SS polished aluminum.

-Illuminated (silhouetted) with orange LED's.

-Aluminum 396 numbering.

Close up of all aluminum turn signal with high intensity SMD LEDs.


Texas Based